Product Review – pOcpac

pOcpac sample

pOcpac sample from Andrew

The pOcpac from Northern Albion is a weather proof pouch for your phone. The sample arrived with me a couple of weeks ago so I have had plenty of oppertunities to try it out.

First the pouch; Made from clear plastic and hot welded, first impressions in its retail packaging were very good. Its bold print and logo are striking, they look great and would not be out of place on or off the road. I have used many weather proof pouches over the years both on bikes and while sailing so I was ready for fiddly closures, poor readability through the plastic and touch screens that did not work but the pOcpac failed to dissapoint!


pOcpac packing detail

Touch screens work perfectly through the pOcpac and the plastic is just matt enough to ensure it remains readable in most condition.

Inside there is a clever dividing piece of clear plastic and this works perfectly to keep a your cards and a bit of cash neat and tidy in the pOcpac, it is cleverly arranged to ensure your cards and cash can not slide infornt of the camera lense on your smart phone.

The crowning glory of the pOcpac has to be the closure. The zipped pouch just works. It is easy to opperate and reliable without adding to the bulk of the pac unlike most I have used before.

Pros; Neat and tidy design, functional.

Cons; None!

pOcpac ready for use

pOcpac ready for use

pOcpac packaging

pOcpac packing detail