Product Review – Fibrax AERO LEVER


Product review

Fibrax Aero lever at the London Bike Show

Fibrax Aero lever at the London Bike Show
UK Made
Automotive Grade Composite Polymer
Ergonomically Designed for optimal fit.
Lifetime Warranty.

But it’s a tyre lever, its hard to get excited about a tyre lever until you find yourself sat against a tree in the rain and the mud with temperatures just above freezing struggling to get the tyre off the rim so you can change a tube.

That’s exactly where I found myself on Sunday morning just last week. I’m no amateur, I have changed hundreds of inner-tubes because its part of my job, open the valve, start opposite the valve and work the tyre bead into the deeper centre of the rim then just lift the bead off the rim, slide a finger under it and its done. All over in 20 seconds when its warm and dry.

Fibrax Aero Lever retail packaging

Fibrax Aero Lever retail packaging

But sat in a puddle covered in sticky mud and I was struggling.

Jump forward a week and I am walking the isles of the London Bike Show in Excel, distracted by the bling I find myself on the Fibrax stand where I spot the Aero Levers.

OK, I laughed at the thought of an Aero lever but when the guys suggested I took one away to try I leaped at the chance.

It wasn’t long before I broke it out of its packaging; Saturday morning I had four bikes to service not including my own and almost the first job was to change a tube on a 700c rim. Now road bike tyres can be a snug fit but this one was determined to stay on the rim. After two minutes of struggling I gave up and broke out my new Fibrax Aero Lever.

The first thing you will notice is how well it fits in your hand. The shape forms its self well into the palm and the length was perfect for my hands. I found as I used it my index finger naturally poked through the hole at the blunt end so I couldn’t drop it.

Fibrax Aero Lever in action

Fibrax Aero Lever in action

It felt solid even though it effectively weighed nothing and I had no hesitation jabbing it under the bead of the stubborn tyre and levering away.

It worked faultlessly on this first outing so now its stuffed in the back pocket of my cycling top next to a spare tube ready for my next puncture.

Pros; Its very effective, light, comfortable and hard to drop.

Cons; I should have got the red one so I can find it easily and actually I need more than one; I need a couple in my tool box, and one taped to the frame of each bike next to the spare tube.

The Aero Lever is simply the best tyre lever I have had the pleasure to use. Order yours here.


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