Fitbit Blaze

nexus2cee_FitbitBlazeJust announced at CES and not even sampled for review yet is the new Fitbit Blaze.

There isn’t much to tel about it yet, all we can do is look at the pictures and compare it to the Surge. This I can do with some competency as I have been wearing a Surge for the whole of the last 12 months.

I chose the Surge over all the other wearable fitness trackers as I wanted 24/7 heart rate monitoring and built-in GPS in a device that didn’t have to be tethered to my phone to work.

The Surge doesn’t need reviewing here, it’s a great piece of tech backed up by good service and I like it in all respects except one. It looks like a brick tied to my wrist.

The new Blaze is clearly aimed at people like me, it seems to do everything the Surge does but looks a lot better. This has upset some reviewers though. I have seen the new device slated because it looks like a smart watch but doesn’t have an app store. Well I don’t care, I bought the ugly Surge precisely because it does one job and it does it very well. I don’t want a smart watch, I want an activity tracker and I am clearly not alone as Fitbit outsell Apple and Samsung combined any day of the week. Its clear to see, and justify the benefit of an activity tracker, a smart watch is in most cases nothing more than an extension of your phone.

What is clear from Fitbits advertising is their new tracker is designed for the fashion conscious and is no longer just a fitness tracker for people like me who want to analyze their training. Take a look at Fitbits Blaze web pages and you will see four out of five images of the new watch are focused on fashion. Check it out here – Fitbit Blaze Lookbook

The new blaze and the other Fitbits are available from the Wiggle Online Cycle Shop!

Im looking forward to getting my hands on one of these [Are you listening Fitbit?] for a full extended review.



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