Product Review – Birzman – 2015 Velocity Apogee Mini MTB Pump

The Birzman Velocity-Apogee Mini Pump

The Birzman Velocity-Apogee Mini Pump

I remember my first full size road bike with its frame pump; 16″ of wheezy puff and innefective rubbish. I caried it because thats what you did. There were no CO2 bottles and when you had finished un bolting your wheels, fixing the puncture, cleaning the glue off everything and put it all back together you gave it 5,000 strokes of the rattly frame pump and you would have a mushy ride home on a half inflated tyre.

Not surprisingly I adopted those little gas bottles as soon as I could and lived very happily with them for quite a few years. However I have recently returned to the hand pump and mainly because I discovered the Birzman – 2015 Velocity Apogee Mini MTB Pump. [From i-Ride]

This little wonder is just 7.5″ long [190mm], weighs almost nothing, sits on its clip just under a bottle cage and, most importantly it works.

Velocity-Apogee Rubber cap and valve

Velocity-Apogee Rubber cap and valve

It has a rubber dust cap over the business end that effectively keeps the muck out. flick it open and pull out the flexy hose to reveal a fitting like you have never seen before, it just pushes over the valve and magically seals. It fits Presta or Scrager valves without you having to fiddle with adaptors and it says it will pump up to 160psi, I have no way of knowing if it would but I do know it has no problem inflating my road tyres to a healty pressure.

In use the pump is comfortable in your hand and doesn’t seem to need too many pumps before your ready to ride again. Clipped back on the frame it is secure enough to not worry about loosing it when bunnyhopping a kirb and it has an extra rubber strap to keep it in place.

This is what Birzman have to say about it;

The Velocity Apogee MTB is a stylish aluminum mini pump that handles high pressure with ease.

It is capable of inflating tires to 90psi / 6.2 bar. Its extendable hose makes it quicker and easier to inflate tires than ever before. The Velocity MTB  is features the new innovative Snap-It Apogee valve adaptor.

The Velocity Apogee MTB  with its superior design and function Is the pump to have with you on the road.

Color: silver, green,black and red.


Interestingly Birzman say their pump is good for 90psi / 6.2bar on their web site while the packaging for my pump says 160psi / 11bar, perhapse Birzman will come back and explain that one?

There may be other mini pumps out there that hit higher pressures or are lighter but Birzman seem to have got it just right with the 2015 Velocity Apogee Mini MTB Pump.

At £29.99 its going to make a dent in your beer money but the investement I made in this pump a year ago has been worth every penny. It will be interesting to see how Birzman improve it with the 2016 model.

Pros; Small, sold, effective.

Cons; The paint finish seems a little fragile.

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