Fulcrum – 2016 Red Wind H.50 XLR Clincher CULT

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Redwind H50 XLR CULT

• Upgraded bearings with Fulcrums CULT bearing system. CULT bearing system integrates an incredibly corrosion resistant stainless-steel with a surface thermo chemical treatment and ceramic balls resulting in a 9 times more smoothness than standard bearings.
• Fulcrum Dynamic Balance in the rim: thanks to special operation of the production process, the carbon fibre layup is positioned in such a way as to obtain perfect rim balance.
• Available as a 50mm 80mm or 105mm rim heights all in either dark label or standard.
• Fulcrum 2:1 spoke ratio on rear wheel double the number of spokes on the drive side for greater wheel stability and improved power transfer in the rear wheel.

• Weight: 80mm- 1790g pair 105mm- 1998g pair.

Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology™-CULT
Behind this project is the exclusiveness of Cronitect® steel; using “Advanced by FAG” technology by Schaeffler Group employed for the bearing races. This is steel which takes resistance to corrosion to the highest level; to the point that no grease is necessary for lubrication just a small amount of oil.

The top quality ceramic balls, thanks to the absence of lubricating grease and the precision machining of the cup/cone allow to drastically reduce the friction coefficient, and thus increase the smoothness of the wheel by as much as 9 times compared to standard bearings. An outstanding result achieved by using cutting-edge technologies in the field of materials processing.

The test performed involves spinning the wheel to 500 rpms then letting it decelerate. The test results are amazing: the wheel equipped with CULT™ ball bearings continues its motion for a full 45 minutesi.e. nine times longer than standard bearings.

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Fulcrum - 2016 Red Wind H.50 XLR Clincher CULT

Fulcrum – 2016 Red Wind H.50 XLR Clincher CULT


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