The dePhuse Project e-bike in development

The dePhuse Project e-bike in development

Yes, We Service [and Build] Electric Bicycles!

Modern e-bikes [electric bikes, electric bicycles] are complex machines requiring a special set of skills to maintain and service them. At the CycleMedic we not only maintain and service e-bikes, we build them from scratch.

ebike-kitA typical modern e-bike has all the complexity of modern mountain bikes with hydraulic disk brakes and suspension and the added technology required to power it. Usually you will find most or all of the following;

  • Electronic motor control twist grips
  • Digital displays of battery status and other telemetry
  • Motor control electronics
  • Brake levers with interlocks
  • Crank position and speed sensors
  • Digital brushless motors
  • Custom built wheels
  • Battery packs
  • Intelligent Chargers

In addition to the usual wear and tear a modern mountain bike receives the e-bikes we see usually do more miles, in worse weather than their human powered brothers and as they are heavier with all the extra weight of the electronics and batteries they wear bearings and brakes twice as fast.

Whatever sort of e-bike you ride we are happy to maintain it for you, ensuring your investment is maintained along with your mobility and fun!

Services and maintenance can be booked by messaging us using the contact page or book a service directly here.

What do you ride?

157408Bigfoot-fat-tyre-electric-bike-frontEnduro-E-Bike-Bultaco-Brinco-5There are many designs of e-bike on the market, these examples illustrate the breadth of technology, and price available.

These four bikes range in price from £1,000 to £5,000. Even the lowest cost e-bikes are a significant investment and should be looked after to ensure they last.

e-tracker-2-1440-croppedIf you are in the market for a e-bike we build custom e-bikes under our dePhuse brand. These can be anything from fitting an e-bike kit to your bike, usually about £120 to building a custom bike for you, £1,500+. Message us at bikes@dephuse.com with your requirements and we will talk.


John form Clacton said;
“Very impressed at the speed & efficiency of service.  Whole problem was diagnosed and fixed easily within 24 hours [of first contact].  Would certainly recommend, particularly in areas where there are no shops of any great repute.  5 Stars!”

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