Wheel Truing in our mobile workshop

Wheel Truing in our mobile workshop

Transparent pricing. We want you to know what everything will cost before we get to you so all our prices are listed on this page. If you dont find what you are looking for here or have a special requirement call or email us, see the contact page.

Our Bronze, silver and gold service packages are listed here and offer significant discounts over individual services.

E-Bike Service

If you are looking for an e-bike service click here.

Regular [pedal powered] Bike Service

The Bronze service provides a basic safety check, perfect if your bike has been laid up for some time but was working when you last used it. The service includes an inspection and will find anything else that needs doing but whatever happens you will know if you can safely ride your bike after the service.

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The Silver Service includes everything we do in a bronze service but adds a deeper inspection of the drive train and mechanical components including the removal of the bottom bracket. In a silver service we include the labor to replace brake pads, disks and chain, cassette or other drive components if required.

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The Gold service allows for all the above and adds wheel truing, replacement of brake and or gear cables, servicing of hydraulics, headset, re taping of handlebars of road bikes and many other services. At the conclusion of a gold service your bike will be functionally as good as new [allowing for the condition of the original components].

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In all cases the package price is for labor, any parts required will be charged for in addition to the labor price.

Guide parts prices, please check at the time of ordering.

Cable inner, brake or gear, standard quality, £2 each
Cable inner, brake or gear, stainless steel, £4 each
Cable outer, brake or gear, standard quality, £2 each
Cable outer, brake or gear, stainless steel, £4 each
Jagwire cable set, road brakes and gears, £35 set
Jagwire cable set, MTB gear cable kit, £30
Jagwire cable set, MTB brake cable kit, £26
V Brake blocks, standard quality, £2 each

– E-Bike service details here! –

Labour charges – February 2016 CycleMedic Bronze
Tyres and Wheels see Wheel Building Page
Mobile Puncture Repair – tyre and/or tube replacement, per wheel £5
Wheel spindle/bearing inspection/adjust/re-grease £15
Wheel truing (subject to wheel condition) £30
Wheel build/spoke replacement (per wheel) From £17
Mechanical Brakes
Brake adjustment, per wheel £5
Brake Pads; fit per brake and adjust £13
Cables Set; fit front and rear, inners and outers £30
Inner cable fit * 1 £13
Inner cable fit * 2 £18
Outer cable fit * 1 £13
Outer cable fit * 2 £18
Hydraulic Brakes
Brake pad fitting, per wheel £13
Brake disk fitting, per wheel £13
Hydraulic disc brake service each (replace fluid and bleed system) £23
Magura Rim Stops, HS11, 33 etc (replace fluid and bleed system) £23
Gear adjustment – per deralieur £6
Degrease drive parts and service £40
Chain fitting £8
Bottom bracket removal, service or replacement £20
Crank set replacement £15
Front mech fit / Rear mech fit £15
Cable Set; fit front and rear, inners and outers £30
Inner cable fit * 1 £13
Inner cable fit * 2 £18
Outer cable fit * 1 £13
Outer cable fit * 2 £18
Headset adjustment
Headset replacement
Cassette style Headset service £10
Loose ball style headset service £20
Fork Replacement £20
General Jobs
Pedal replacement (pair) £5
MTB or flat Handlebar fit/replacement £20
Drop Handlebar fit/Replacement including fitting tape £30
Bike Lights (single or set) £5
Cycle Computer £10
Kick Stand £4
Child Seat Trailer Buggy £10
Mudguards – Full Length £20
Mudguards – Crud, MTB £5
Luggage Rack £10
Bottle and Cage £5
Saddle or Seat Post £5
Bar Ends £5
Discounts on extra services not in the package 0% 10% 25%
Bronze, Silver and Gold Service £38

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