Wheel Building

road-bike-wheel-building-940x350How much does it cost?

The prices quoted are only intended as a guide to the total cost of the build. Your final quote could be different to this amount.
I don’t stock any parts and order them in for each build.

Basic Prices

  • Build – £30.00 per wheel
  • Build – £60.00 per wheelset (pair)
  • Rebuild (rim replacement etc.) – £30.00 per wheel
  • Basic truing – £15.00 per wheel
  • Truing and re-tensioning – £20.00 per wheel
  • Disassembly (of old wheel) – £5.00 per wheel
  • Sourcing and ordering parts – £5.00 surcharge per item


Hub or rim replacements will require taking the wheel apart, the cost of which is then added to the above cost of labour. I can true a wheel if it has a slight wobble but if the rim is very bent then truing won’t really fix it and a new rim would be required. Resetting the dish of a wheel comes under basic truing and costs the same. Spoke calculations are free if they are part of the order and you buy spokes from me. Here are some of the services that I provide.

  • help sourcing of parts (a surcharge will be added)
  • fitting tyres and tubes on wheels I have built (free)
  • fitting sprockets and lockrings on wheels I have built (free)
  • cone adjustment on wheels I have built (free)

And these additional services.

  • re-greasing or servicing hub bearings.
  • repairing damaged wheels, prices as above.

Black Spokes

Black spokes can often be difficult to source in the required length especially in the cheaper options. If this is the case in your build then I’ll have to come back to you and look at other alternatives.

Lacing / spoking patterns

I can offer various lacing patterns with 3-cross being the most standard. Radial, one–cross, two–cross, three–cross and four–cross. I also offer crow’s foot and hybrid lacing. It’s always better to get a new rim if you budget permits rather than use an old one as it’s the part that takes the most stress.

  • Radial – no crosses for front wheels only with rim brakes
  • 3-cross – the standard lacing pattern
  • Others to order

Please use the contact form to request your wheel build or repair.

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